Article Review: Georgia Grad Student Sues University Over Gay Sensitivity Training

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Is christianity the white noise of the American culture? There is an emphasis on equality and acceptance, but the experiences of all people are not accepted within the church. How does this contradict the values of a psychologist? 

The main ethical issue, in this case, is the lack of respect for human rights and dignity as represented by the APA in Principle E. As a psychologist, we strive to be advocates for our clients and to minimize our own biases. Keeton’s approach to working within the LGBTQ+ community is rooted in her own beliefs. Which inherently rejects the process of therapy. It appears as though her religious beliefs deter her from approaching clients in an understanding and selfless way. I have recently had struggles with accepting the Christian faith for a little over a year. My issues stem from the judgment that I have received within the church and outside of it based on my sexuality. However, my view of Christ is that he is rooted in love, acceptance, and forgiveness. I use these traits as a therapist and try to embody them through life. It is disappointing that Keeton can not adapt these traits and look outside of her perspective and view others as they are. This is a critical component of the therapeutic alliance. After reading a few of these posts, I don’t necessarily think that Keeton needs training on multicultural issues, but instead, I think she should participate in therapy herself. She values her ethics over her role as a therapist. This is not either bad or good, but something that should be explored. Is this the field she honestly sees herself pursuing to its fullest extent? This could be the moment where Keeton comes to terms with her role and her path. Other forms of therapy may suit her religious perspectives, but at the end of it all, she still insists on her beliefs overtaking the beliefs of her client. This ideology is detrimental and has a history of oppressive accounts. Keeton does not realize the impact she has when she suppresses the people around her with her beliefs. The crux of our role is helping others unconditionally (similar to my belief in Christ). If we can not hold the experiences of others due to our own experiences, we have much bigger problems. We must be able to hold the pain of others and see the underlying factors of their distress, rather than imposing.

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