The Most Perfect Day

During one of my classes, we were instructed to describe what a perfect day would be like for each of us. I had a hard time gathering ideas and thoughts about what a “perfect” day would be like.

So, I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths [inhale deeply, exhale slowly, inhale deeply, exhale slowly, inhale deeply, and … exhale slowly].

And I began to explore…

I envisioned my self sitting on a cozy and fuzzy blanket on a beach, no particular beach came to mind – but I was on a beach sitting on a cozy and fuzzy blanket. I could stick my toes under the sand and feel the warmth cover them with love.

In front of me was my easel and I was painting. I would be using thick brushes to paint my feelings on to the canvas. I’d probably have acrylic paint – the fancy ones. Brush stroke, after brush stroke, I could describe every emotion, every mood, every word I was feeling in that very moment. I would feel alive. I would be present. I would be in awe.

Every few moments I’d look over to the side of my canvas and notice Kelly playing near the ocean with Gracie. Gracie would sprint to grab the tennis ball and then come running full force back to Kelly, and then, she’d throw the ball again. It would go on and on, Gracies watermelon bandana would be blowing in the wind right behind her and she would be running so fast that she would just stop – lay on the sand and feel the crisp air blow through her hair. I can see the happiness and joy that’s pierced through the crinkles in Kelly’s eyes. Her smile lines were deep and exuberant. I could feel her freedom and connectivity to the world around us. Her energy was love, he energy was fluid, her energy was vibrant – we were in sync.

With Intention.